The liturgy of Holy Week this year, that is, Passion Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday (Day) has been scheduled as follows.
Please read carefully and respond as needed. Japanese Faithful who has no registration card at Matsudo Church is not allowed to join our masses, nor foreign nationals who do not regularly attend Matsudo Church masses.
The following measures are based on Stage 3 of Tokyo Diocese (different from governmental stage), restriction will be removed under Stage 2, and under Stage 4 all masses will not be open to the public.



March 28, 2021 [Passion (Palm) Sunday Mass]

Mass will be held according to the usual mass-time schedule that was carried out just before re-declaration of state of emergency:

<<Saturday19:05=Free, Sunday 9:00=Junior, 11:00=Middle, 14:00=Senior>>

No reservation, no adjustment.


April 4, 2021 [Easter Sunday Day Mass]

Just the same as Passion Sunday as mentioned above Mass will be held. 19:05 mass on the previous evening will not be held (Easter Vigil Mass at that time).


April 1, 2021 [Holy Thursday, the Lord’s Supper Mass]

April 2, 2021 [Good Friday, the Lord’s Passion Liturgy]

April 3, 2021 [Easter Vigil Mass]

Participants for the above three days will be decided by totally reservation only as the masses of Christmas last year. If applications are over the seating capacity, we adjust the number of participants. Please apply for reservation as the following steps:

  • Fill in the application form placed at the church office, write your name and address on the addressee column of a postal card, and give them to church staff no later than Sunday, March 21, 2021.
  • You will know the result by receiving the postal card addressed yourself.
  • Participants of Easter Vigil Mass (April 3) cannot join Easter Daytime Mass (April 4).


The term of subscription has closed.