Today, February 11, 2017, a Lenten Recollection was held at Maria Hall of Matsudo Church. It was profoundly conducted by Fr. Cyril Veliath, SJ. There were 23 participants coming from Ichikawa Church, Toyoshiki Church, Kawaguchi Chuch, Narashino church and others mostly from the host church.


The recollection proper started with an opening prayer and immediately followed by the ” Photograph activity”, where participants were to select a photo displayed on the wall that would best describe their selves.
Then, they were grouped into three and everyone was given time to speak.


There were three (3) talks given;

  1. Who am I.
  2. Preparation for Lent,
  3. Importance of prayer.

The talks and stories given were so insightful and full of wisdom.




The participants took their delicious potluck lunch at 12:30. 



And had their 3rd talk and sharing in the afternoon.



Confessions were also heard and the recollection was concluded with a holy mass.


We sincerely thank Fr. Cyril for a wonderful lenten recollection.