1. When attending Masses, all of you are always requested for being punctual, mask wearing, and hand disinfection.


  2. Actually, parishioners are dispensed from obligation of attending Sunday Mass.
    Especially for those who are in bad conditions, who have chronic illness, or any cares, kindly pray at home for the time being.


  3. Only Japanese parishioners who have registration of Matsudo Parish can attend masses.


  4. Please keep silence in the Church, and also refrain from chattering at the entrance hall.


  5. Please do not touch anything other than your properties. Take home with you the leaflet of Sunday Liturgy you used during Mass. Take your designated seat (a prayer card is attached to each seat), maintaining social distance of 1.5 meters and more.


  6. Put your offertory money in the Offertory Box placed on the chapel entrance table.


  7. After the mass, please take a blank mass entry sheet back home, and bring it next time filling out your name, age, address, phone number, and physical condition.


  8. Everybody is encouraged to take part in Mass services as a member of our community. Please offer reading service to the Pastor. Readings in foreign languages are welcome.


  9. Regarding for church activities or meetings other than masses, be sure to take a permission of the Pastor.


  10. Please note that both English and Tagalog Masses are suspended at present.


  11. Sunday Masses of the next week is assigned as follows. Everybody can attend your designated Mass only, as a general rule.

    We are having three-time Sunday Masses, at 9:00, 11:00. and 14:00.
    Parishioners are divided into three groups by age. Every family member can attend the same Mass together. Saturday Mass starts at 19:05.

    “MASS ENTRY CARD” will be issued to the one whose name, address, phone number, and age are confirmed. You can attend Mass by presenting the “CARD.” Persons who have not yet carry the “CARD”, please submit “Mass Entry Sheet” as usual.


    Sunday Masses of the next week are assigned as below. Please be careful about modified Mass time and grouping.

Saturday, November 21, 19:05 (in Japanese)

Not specified 《Matsudo Parishioners ONLY》

Sunday, November 22, 09:00 (in Japanese)

Junior Group (Aged 57 and under)

Sunday, November 22, 11:00 (in Japanese)

Middle Group (Age of 58 ~ 74)

Sunday, November 22, 14:00 (in Japanese)

Senior Group (Age 75 and over)