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Today, A Michikoto United’s 3rd year bowling tournament was held at Tokiwadaira Bowling Center from 10:00 am to 4 pm.

The excited players started coming in as early as 9:15 am at the bowling center to do some warming-up games. We gathered at around 10:15 am.



The bowling tournament was finally opened with a welcome address and a few reminders given by our chairman, Engr. Pex Aguilar and the invocation by their Adviser, Fr. Philip Bonifacio, SSC.


We were given a five-minute free throwing of ball for practice and the tournament begun. The group was divide into three categories, Team A (the serious players), Team B (Playing for fun) and Team C (kids).



The games finished around 12:30 noon and we proceeded to the 21 Seki Mori no Koen to have a picnic lunch and some fun games.



The fun games were prepared by each community;Koiwa was the first facilitated their game, ” Ballon Relay “, followed by “Michikoto game” ; Matsudo facilitated the “centepede game” and Toyoshiki had the “milk drinking” contest. It was so much fun.



After the fun games,we moved to announcing the winners and here is the result;

Champion 👑 is Matsudo Team with 2,400 score

followed by the 1st placer Ichikawa Community with a score of 2,386; 2nd place goes to Koiwa community with a score of 2,291 score and the 3rd placer goes to Toyoshiki community with a score of 2,291.

Congratulations to all!


TEAM A(the serious players): 2 games

  1. 1. Top Scorer (male)- 314
    Henrick Magpayo
  2. Top Scorer (female)- 280
    Liza Cordero
  3. Best Striker (male)- 7 strikes
    Henrick Magpayo
  4. Best Striker (female)- 7 strikes
    Marites Lisondra Fujimura


TEAM B (Playing for fun) :2 games

  1. Top Scorer- 303
    Jovie Palacio
  2. Best Striker – 9 strikes
    Jovie Palacio
  3. Most gutter –
    Masami Kobayasi
  4. Lowest Score
    Masami Kobayashi
  5.  Most Splits
    Cherry Jitsukawa


TEAM C  (Kids 3-10 years)

  1. Top scorer- 163
    Rei-an Acido(11-15)
  2. Top Scorer – 243
    Shinji Fujimura
  3. Best Striker- 6 strikes
    Shinji Fujimura
    Chat Conversation

Congratulations to all.


There were 79, parishioners of which 10 are students who joined the bowling tournament.

The event ended at around 3:30 pm with a closing remarks from our adviser and some reminders of our other upcoming events.
The weather was so good and everybody had a great fun time with everyone.



FICT(Toyoshiki group)


KCIC(Koiwa group)


EMC(Ichikawa group) 


MCCIC(Matsudo community) 


MICHIKOTO United (All member!!)



We would like to thank the leaders of the four communities, Matsudo-MCCIC, Maria Ruena Aguilar; Ichikawa-EMC- Marve Furukawa; Koiwa-KCFC, Philip Bombeo and Toyoshiki-FICT, Rowena Ito. for their continued support and cooperation.

We also thank Fr. Philip Bonifacio,SSC for his presence and support and we thank God for all the blessings we received.

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2018 四旬節第1主日(洗礼志願式)

2018 復活徹夜祭(洗礼式)





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キリスト教入門講座 講師:松戸教会 カテキスタ グループ

  • キリスト教入門講座に関しては、こちらをご覧ください。


「福音の喜びを味わう」(水曜日) 講師:フィリップ神父

  • 5月10日(水)から再開。


主日のミサの朗読箇所の勉強会(木曜日) 講師:フィリップ神父

  • 5月11日(木)から再開。



  • 5月13日(土)からスタート。