主任司祭 Parish Priest


Fr. Philip Ilio Bonifacio, SSC



主のご復活、おめでとうございます! 皆さん一人ひとりに、大きな喜びと希望をもって、復活祭おめでとう!と心から願います。復活祭は、イエスが死のふちからよみがえり、ご復活を通して希望が始まることを祝うときです。








Easter 2019 Message


Dear brothers and sisters,


Happy Easter to you all!  With great joy and hope I wish each one of you, a happy Easter!  Easter celebrates the rising of Jesus from darkness of death into dawn of hope through resurrection.

Easter is a day of Hope.  Jesus stood against the hypocrisy of the

Pharisees and the oppression of the Roman Power.  His message of love was a taboo for the Religious and political elites.  Our struggle has always been between death and life. Jesus was condemned to death and murdered as a criminal because, for people he blasphemed God.  With his death, darkness seemed to engulfed his disciples and chose to flee from the scene.  Hope of a new world seemed to have been strangled on the cross.  It was the longest night of despair.  But Resurrection turned that despair into a celebration of hope. Christianity was born on that morning with the message of love and hope.   The simple fishermen were empowered through the Spirit to start a new worldwide wave of love that culminated in establishing the Christian Church.  Christ rose from the dead on the third day as he promised.  Human history changed that day.  Hope is the secret of that wonder. We celebrate that hope that heals and empowers us.

And our world needs a lot of hope.  This world waits for the miracle of Hope. On the day of resurrection, the disciples and women went to the grave but found the stones removed from where Christ was buried.   Easter is about removing the stones in our hearts and lives. Therefore, let the wonder of Easter, touch every human soul in this world so as to bring healing, peace and reconciliation. This is the prophetic mission of the church in today’s world. We celebrate life today in this Easter!  Come let us together join the march to roll out the stones that have entrapped people in man-made graves.

Let Peace break forth in the dawn.  Let our society and the world be raised from hopelessness into Peace and prosperity and become the Promise Land. 


Happy Easter!