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Hohoho Christmas is almost here.

You can see beautiful Christmas decoration everywhere.
Last Dec 18th, 2017, a few people from MCCIC came to decorate the Maria Hall for the coming Christmas Party on December 24th 2017.


The celebration of the mass will be at 1:00 pm. The party follows after the mass. 

Please join us. Let’s enjoy the Filipino cuisine, songs and dances and have a chance to win in our raffle tickets.

(*)A portion of the proceeds of the raffle will go to CFC Gawad Kalinga Cornerstone’s educational projects and other charity projects of MCCIC.

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MCCIC Christmas Party

Let’s celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

Hohoho! 🎄🍹🎉🎁🎄🥗
Merry christmas to one and all!

On behalf of Matsudo-MCCIC, we joyfully invite you all to our annual Christmas Party. (Please see details below).
Please bring your family and friends and let’s have some fun! 🎄🎉🥗🍉🍹🎁🎄



December 24(right after the Tagalog Mass)
(*)The mass will be celebrated by Fr. Philip Ilio Bonifacio, SSC. 
Holy Mass will be celebrated 1:00PM


Please Come and Join us!!!




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November 26th, at 3pm Tagalog mass, the birthday celebrators for the month of November were called and were given a blessing by Fr. Philip Ilio Bonifacio, SSC.


A festive birthday party was held after the mass.
The foods were sponsored by the birthday celebrators.

 Thank you very much

and Happy Birthday again to all November celebrators.  


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On November 3, 2017, Fr. Kallarasan Gandhi, SDB was invited to conduct an advent recollection at Matsudo church by MCCIC. It was a a sunny and beautiful day.

The recollection proper started around 10:40 am. Fr. Gandhi talked about love, peace and joy. There were about 23 participants who came from different churches like Narashino, Toyoshiki, Koiwa, Ichikawa and mostly from Matsudo.

The talks were divided into three; Love, Joy and Peace. The participants were also given time for sharing to give them time to reflect on the topic based on their daily life on questions like “ How do we experience Jesus in our life?/ How do I radiate or give Jesus to others?” to mention a few.

He also gave emphasis on the importance of confession and forgiveness and that forgiveness is a must everyday.



Lunch time!!




Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and adoration was officiated by their very own Parish Priest, Fr. Philip Bonifacio, SSC while Fr. Gandhi was hearing some confessions.


The recollection was finally concluded with a Holy mass at 4pm. 



The participants went home feeling fresh with love, joy and peace in their hearts.Bracelet rosaries were also given to the participants as a token and appreciation for joining the said recollection.

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The Catholic Matsudo Church holds its annual ”St. Michael Festival and Bazar”
The MCCIC joined the bazar and enjoyed selling Filipino foods. They sold turon – a kind of sweet snacks . It is delicacy made of plantain banana with sugar rolled in lumpia wrapper and fried. Another was pork barbecue marinated in sweet pineapple catsup sauce; They also sold arroz caldo – a rice porridge with chicken bits topped with spring onions and fried garlic. In addition to these foods, they also sold “ pritong lumpia” – cooked with ground beef, spices and various vegetables rolled in spring rolls wrapper and fried. This is best eaten with sour spicy kind of sauce.
It was rainy that day and we had typhoon. There were not so many people who came so, there were much of Lumpia ingredients left and some porridge left which some members happily took and brought home.
However, the turon and barbecue were sold out easily.
We thank the members who extended help for this event and especially the people who bought and enjoyed eating our food.



We thank the members who extended help for this event and especially the people who bought and enjoyed eating our food.
See you all again next year!! 😀