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Right After Tagalog Mass “Feast of The Holy Family”, MCCIC Christmas party take place!




A lots of Foods and drinks!!!



Children play game!!











To all those who contributed or donated some cash or in kind for our party, and to all who generously gave their time in the preparation for the party, we thank you very much.
Thank you is the least that we can say to show our appreciation for your time, effort and generosity extended to the community.

Proceeds will  goes to …

  1. Olongapo Aeta Kokumin no kodomotachi no FEEDING Program and School Education Program.
  2. Couples for Christ (CFC) Cornerstone Project: Poor Children Education and Tutorial Program.

Your support had made the event successful.
Thank you is the least that we can say to show our appreciation for your time, effort and generosity extended to the community.
Thank you very much. May you have more blessings to come.




After Party…
Staff,their Friends and Fr.Philip!!


Have a blessed and fruitful 2016!!!!

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Every year, MCCIC decorate Basement hall  for Christmas.

At the Basement hall  Christmas party will take place.
(church school Christmas party and MCCIC Christmas party, too)






Christmas is coming soon!!

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MICHIKOTO United celebrates their 4th year

” Dinner for a Cause ” with the theme- Retro 70s-80s, Music & Style, meaning bringing back the old fashion style.


As expected parishioners from Matsudo, Ichikawa, Koiwa and Toyoshiki joined the dinner.




It started with an invocation and followed by the welcome address of the founder/adviser of the group, Fr. Philip Ilio Bonifacio, SSC.





We all danced and had a fantastic night. This is for the benefit of CFC- Cornerstone, South sector in the Philippines, helping our less fortunate children.






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The Matsudo-MCCIC hosted an advent recollection facilitated by Fr. Edwin Corros, CS of CTIC  today.

Registration started at 10 am and recollection proper started at 11 am. Fr Edwin opened it by introducing to the attendees the Liturgy of the Hours prayer, prayers which is composed of psalms and being done by the priests daily. Attendees recited the mid-morning prayer. He then proceeded with the history of the rosary.

There was an hour lunch break and continued with other teachings.  Fr. Edwin mentioned some points how we influence our children unconsciously by the everyday activities that we do; he also cited the life of Zechariah, who was a priest and married to Elizabeth, who was barren and advance in age. How Zechariah fervently prayed in the temple to have a baby for a long time. Elizabeth got pregnant and gave birth to John the Baptist; he also mentioned the meaning of the wreath and its color candles; the true meaning of advent and etc. There were also some short sharings among the attendees regarding their preparation for the advent season.

The recollection finished around 4pm. Fr. Edwin gave time to some attendees to have their confessions with him.  A holy mass celebration followed after the confessions.

There were 24 participants, 8 people from Toyoshiki Church and the rest mostly from Matsudo Parish.

It was a very fruitful, informative and enlightening recollection.




Tobit 4:15a

“ Do to no one what you dislike. Give to the hungry some of your bread and to the naked some of your clothing. Seek counsel from every wise man. At all time, bless the Lord God, and ask him to make all your paths straight and to grant success to all your endeavors and plans. “


A member of Toyoshiki Community said that she hopes we can continue to have similar recollection or other religious study together to deepen our understanding of our faith and to have more attendees.

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This is the 4th year

” Dinner for a Cause ”

organised by Michikoto United.

This year’s theme is “Retro 70s-80s”- music & style,
bringing back the old times.



2015 November 28

6:00PM ― 8:30PM


It promotes solidarity and camaraderie of the 4 church communities of Matsudo, Ichikawa, Koiwa and Toyoshiki.
Presence of special guests and other friends is heartily welcomed.









For the benefit of CFC- Cornerstone’s less fortunate children in Paranaque.
Share your blessings. Help us put a smile on child’s face this christmas. Your contribution will make a real difference.


Please join us, be a part and let’s have fun!